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About Us

Life is unpredictable. You know those days, surprise meetings, the endless errands, the office that needs everything NOW! Then there are those nights you don’t sleep. and lets mention the days your body feels unforgiving and an enemy. The resounding truth, I rely on the right clothing and the right feel to keep my head above some days; fake it to make it.

Work in Process was born out of this scenario, every morning, with just one more complication; I had to throw in a morning surf session in between all the chaos. It was just that, chaos, yet I needed that surf. I couldn’t give it up, I wouldn’t.

Coming out of the water and going into a corporate office setting, ouch. Seaweed, sand, and salt, three of clothing’s worst enemies. I needed to find clothing that was appropriate and resilient enough to wear into my office.

I searched everywhere. I was even willing to wear the ole leggings with an amazing longer shirt or dress you know THAT outfit. However, it always made me feel less on point and professional in not just my meetings yet merely existing in the office. Some days, I just wanted to hide inside a big blanket because I felt like such a Work in Process. I needed better work armor because my clothing is and will always be my tent in life camp.