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Wardrobe woes through the holidays WIP style

by Meghan Hogrefe |

The big ask? What can I wear that is festive yet functional as I eat and drink more than I should?

Being good is tough when your friends and family want to eat out at cute festive cozy bars and restaurants! First, you can only wear skinnies so many times before they become your uniform! Next, dresses and skirts were made to hide the “boozy bloat “ and “holiday 10”! I think the answer lay in just that, layers!

For instance, a cute dress like The Flossie from Grace on the Go Collection, pairs so well with tights and boots or patterned hose and heels. Of course for us Californians, bare legs with booties! Blazers paired with WIP dresses always have a place in the holiday cheer. Covering up our food and drink indescretions, a blazer covers the pooch while appearing elegant and regal! Yet, in some places where warmth may be required, it lends sensibility to style! Other holiday wardrobe ideas are the pencil skirt! The Lola never lets you down! She pairs best with blazers and even better with camis as an under layer. Side note , never underestimate a good cami! Lola gives you room to bulk up because she has pockets! Pockets that ALSO give you a place to put your hands. Especially when you just don’t know what to say or do with them. Such as being at that awkward holiday party where Bob from Accounting or Jane from Tech Support starts talking about reports or stats! 

All in all, shop your closet and find what works for YOU! Work in Process was designed for the woman on the go!  Many labels I love inspired WIP for me! The Reset is a great staple! Another inspiring store is Zara, affordable and always festive for the chosen occasion.  

Enjoy this Thanksgiving and indulge and be happy! Life is made to indulge!

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