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Aren’t we all a Work in Process....

Sustainable Fashion

by Meghan Hogrefe |

Searching for Sustainable Fashion   This has been on my mind recently, especially given that all of our lives have been turned around and for some, even upside down. Lately, I seem to be having conversations and thoughts around how to redeploy any and all items in my lifestyle. From food to fashion, the quest and question is always, how...

Walking in a Winter Wonderland, or not..

by Meghan Hogrefe |  | 2 comments

Sooooo ladies, with all these Hallmark movies parading the cute yet attainable fall clothing and winter cozy cuteness, you start to get inspired to find staples for the cooler temperature date nights, the Thanksgiving festivities,  Friendsgiving hangouts, Christmas lunches and brunches, parties and drinks! The list goes on and your wardrobe gets stretched.

Top ten summer tips

by Meghan Hogrefe |  | 5 comments

10. Embrace you and Smile! Clothing isn't who you are, it's just another accesory! YOUR smile should always be brighter than your clothes!

Moving into Summer Gracefully

by Meghan Hogrefe |

How many staple pieces do I really need? In honesty, not many however the idea of not having choices when I feel bloated, tired, lazy, should not be my motivation for keeping clothes that are not flattering.

Wardrobe woes through the holidays WIP style

by Meghan Hogrefe |

The holiday wardrobe questions shouldn’t be a woe but a wahoo! What we need when we indulge with friends and family wardrobe wise!