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My clothing is my tent in life camp!

by Meghan Hogrefe |


“My clothing is my tent in life camp”


 We didn’t so much as roll into 2021 yet we RAN into this new year as if we were being chased by 2020. Which in hindsight, 2020 is still a dark shadow like a bad dream that still lingers.  


There seems to be so much to say and yet I sit here feeling like I can’t put words to the page in any eloquent fashion. Fashion.. 


Maybe because fashion to me is a mood. My current mood is anxiety and stress. In turn ,fashion is a direct reflection of who we are and how we feel. We wear our feelings. I always say that my clothes are my tent in life camp and it couldn’t be more true these past 10 months or so. 


During the shutdown I have still shopped as though I have someplace to be. The old and familiar saying of all dressed up and no place to go really resonated with me. For the first few weeks of the quarantine, I rejected work from home style. I felt that I could keep some sense of normalcy if I just dressed the way I normally dressed working from home. Newsflash, I couldn’t. Even though my work environment and structure didn’t change much, if at all. One thing did, my mindset. 


A shift in thinking just overtook me, like all of you, during quarantine. Well aside from the civil unrest, quarantine 15 and social injustices weighing heavy in my heart and mind, I also changed how I felt about my wardrobe. Fast fashion seemed silly and being on trend never seemed so unimportant in all my life. 


Suddenly, going to my closet, which has been  my only  outing, an indoor outing if you will, I started to dress according to my feelings. This year, my feelings have been so up and down that my wardrobe followed suit, literally. It was like  goodbye cute blazers because I am wearing a hoodie, everyday. I loved the hug of the cozy soft material and hood that I could hide in especially in moments of intense, news watching. In a sense, the hoodie ( all various types) became my actual tent in my life camp,  my daily fashion selection. Sure, I wore cute joggers and mom jeans to pair with it, but again, I didn’t feel that “fashionable”. 


Almost a month into 2021, I still don’t feel fashionable yet I feel “better”. My mindset has cleared somewhat and I am hoping that I have put a lot of the 2020 blues behind me, for the most part. A lot of lessons have come out of 2020, personally, socially and worldwide. I think for me, I am still learning and navigating some of those lessons. In the meantime, I wear my feelings and sometimes I eat them too, the gut always follows!


As the dust continues to settle, I have really been into getting back into heels, any heels. I think my feet “healed” to the point that I cannot wear heels. The one old faithful that I had in my life was relegated to the back of the shelves during pandemic. Now, in 2021, I promised my Isabel Marants, Louboutins and VERAGANOS, that they would walk the steps I take! 

Side note because I love these shoes I have to make mention as I really want to support this line! Lately, my VERAGANOS have been my go to because they are the low kitten heels that look great even with some joggers and mom or boyfriend jeans but mostly with my newest obsession, high waisted, boot cut bell bottoms!  (I have been wearing the de Serra in leopard print which is a departure for me but I love them, they give everything a little UMPH! 

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