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Couch to 5Z...

by Meghan Hogrefe |

With summer end, it is not just the weather  that has changed. The actual months go by and I can’t help but think about what summer meant to me this year. I know this year has been more unique and challenging due to this worldwide COVID, civil unrest, looming election uncertainty, the list could go on.. So much to think about and my wardrobe is the last priority at this point. Especially since I basically rock the WFH outfits.  



I always found the close of summer to be an exciting time. Motivationally, it has always be a time to revisit goals, lofty in theory and lazy in execution. Although, one goal never leaves me, year over year, how to make my dollar stretch and also my pants waistband! Just kidding, sort of.. No really, as I get older, this goal is always the same.  I do think often about how to invest in the right pieces of clothing to keep my wardrobe fresh, long lasting and also budget friendly.  In this environment of fast fashion and work from home attire, it’s like why would you invest in anything further?  Especially as  people are not doing “in person” as much, if at all . This will extend well into 2021 yet maybe be the new way of life.. As Work /life intersect, this could not be more critically important as it is now, today. 


So how do I/we adjust to these times and still keep up with our love of seasons and styling ourselves in a budget friendly way and with timeless pieces? Million dollar question or $100 question if you are being budget conscious! Okay, truth, sometimes to be budget friendly you have to spend to save. Meaning sometimes the price tag may be higher but the longevity of that particular garment may be worth the investment. I am not talking high end, runway attire either. I am referring to making smart choices that can transition you into another season and the quality can keep it looking fresh and the function of the clothing can move you from summer to fall or fall to winter or spring.


I previously  wrote about Sustainable Fashion and thats what I really want to stick to the clothes that can be convertible, just like my life.  With vid chats being the way of meetings and connection, its always “Business on the top, lounge wear on the bottom”, like the mullet of business attire. My sustainable fashion choice has to be something that can take me from the couch to 5 zoom meetings. Forget training for the couch to 5k goals, I have couch to 5z, five zooms that is.. 


Three ways to accomplish this:


Can I wear it comfortably on my couch?

Can I wear it comfortably on my couch in a meeting?

Can I wear it comfortably on my couch with a date/hubby/partner?


Your welcome. “Clothes “ out the summer with transitional clothing that makes sense for you lifestyle and for what life can throw at you. 


Love + Hugs,


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