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Walking in a Winter Wonderland, or not..

by Meghan Hogrefe |  | 6 comments

Each year, around the end of August, I get this nostalgic need to buy school supplies! That excitement of buying pencils and organizers and notebooks, all the items to signify a new year! Well, trade in pencils for pencil skirts, organizers with Ipads and you get full blown Adulthhood, with adulting at the highest (or lowest) level, depending on the day you read this! All true...

This is just a nod to the excitement yet panic of heading into a season that gives you fashion inspiration per weather report! When they say rain, you think, Rain boots, with skirts or cute skinny jeans! When they say, "fall" and you are in San Diego, it is 85 degrees, you think ankle boots and cute soft high waisted silky shorts with a cute top! When they say cold "40 degrees" feels like 30, you say, bring it on, BOOT Weather! Then the struggle begins. Budget boot shopping, rain gear, sweaters, skirts and tights. All the fashion staples that make fall and winter the most exciting seasons to dress for. One problem, what do I really need? What can my wallet really afford, with entertaining and parties at the highest peak of the year, what can be a staple in my closet and still be fresh and new with each event?

I pose this question as a regular person who has to budget and make my outfits stretch beyond the season's weather identify crisis. What is on point yet doesn't break my bank? Sooooo ladies, with all these Hallmark movies parading the cute yet attainable fall clothing and winter cozy cuteness, you start to get inspired to find staples for the cooler temperature date nights, the Thanksgiving festivities,  Friendsgiving hangouts, Christmas lunches and brunches, parties and drinks! The list goes on and your wardrobe gets stretched.

Here is a few items that are your fall season/holiday go to (chances are you have this already in your closet):

1.    LBD- Little Black dress never goes out of style. For a little flare without flaring up your bank account. Zara, H&M, Target and Kohls. Always find a mid length, couple inches above your knee for a classic fit and perfect office party, family gatherings. Remember, you can always throw a belt ( thin one) to make it shorter for the GNO (Girls Night Out) or Date Night . 

2.    Tights- One plain pair of black and one fun pair. All types exist however, a nice Black patterned yet subtle tight/pantyhose, TJMAXX, Marshalls always have those fashionable tights that you are dying to try but don't want to buy because they tend to rip within two wears! These are the bargains! Or target has adorable pairs. 

3.    Belts- one thin/skinny belt- shiny black or gold/silver. Or a nice velvet tie from maybe a pair of shorts or similar. Repurpose your belting options! This dresses up any pants, skirt or dress. 

4.    Black boot- any heel, or no heel, Black boots can make any outfit casual and cozy yet completely effortlessly stylish( A Work in Process goal)! 

5.    Black heel- a classic high heel will always get you the job, the man/woman, the upgrade at the airport. The list goes on. Basically, your classic black heel, gives you the comfort and confidence to march through this season with your A game! Please note: never sacrifice your safety for a good heel, carry your heels in bad weather and switch then out when you arrive at your destination. It just shows your attention to detail as well as your care for important items! No one will judge and most restaurants and lobby security have 0 problem allowing you to store them. Perhaps bring some hersheys kisses to ask with a smile! 

6.    Pale Pink scarf- a pale pink scarf just makes any outfit more soft, approachable, friendly. For instance, if you are rocking the all black, the layer of pale pink just says, fall, cozy, graceful. It can also hide any flaws you don't feel like flaunting. Around the shoulders, around the neck where it falls gracefully over your mid section ( my go to). It just elevates you to bright and graceful even when we feel like grace under fire!

7.    Chapstick/Lipbalm- you should have this in every handbag, wallet, whatever, just don't leave it in your washable pockets. YES< you have done that once or twice yourself. I ADD THIS TO ACCESSORY AND STAPLE BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOU WEAR, YOUR SMILE IS WHAT EVERYONE SEES AS YOUR BEST ACCESSORY AND BEST ASSET. SO TAKE CARE OF IT!

Just some little bits of advice that I can guarantee won't break your bank and can rotate your wardrobe efficiently through the cooler months. Efficiently and Effortlessly Stylish= Work in Process

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