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Moving into Summer Gracefully

by Meghan Hogrefe |  | 8 comments

How often do you feel that looming and fast approaching summer wardrobe slump? As I head into summer, I think about my lifestyle and what I am actually physically going to be doing. I shutter to think about what I actually have hanging in my closet that is ready to wear and what staples will help me gracefully segway into Summer from Spring.

Winter and Spring, I love you because I can layer. Which for me,  means hide. Layering allows me to hide behind the armour of what I like to call my clothes. My arms are not revealed as often, my abdomen can be tented by sweaters and blazers. Again, life's daily armour. If the battlefield was the workplace, I am a well armoured front of the line soldier!

With admitting the former comes the humbling truth, I am out of shape and have no idea what I can wear anymore. I know what I should NOT wear however what should I wear? 

This question leads me to the default answer of "less is more",  in my closet. Purge it! Have a girl's night and purge your closet. Sex and the City style! Get wine, champagne or whatever drink is your tribe's choice and get on it! Donate, Keep, and Throw Out will be your mantra! As the night goes on, the closet empties and so do the wine bottles, As the wine flows the closet thins out! This task is the most humbling yet fun project. Disclaimer: Only do this with women you trust and love because you could end up with a closet of clothes that were a shadow of your prior decade. For some of us, that may not be flattering! By "some of us" I mean me!

Once you purge you will feel completely cleansed as if you Marie Kondo'd your life! I did that, I made her a verb!  Now, you can do an inventory check.

Just the facts here, don't underestimate a good hanger. I recommend the velvet hangers to allow your shirts and dresses to drape without becoming mis shapen. Nothing worse then that disheveled look of that fabric kink on your shirt. It just gathers at the top of the shoulder, argh. Ironing or steaming has no place in our busy lives if we can prevent it! Also, sleeveless camis and tank tops, that you don't fold in a drawer, will stay on the hanger. Most importantly, everything hangs uniformly and nicely making you feel very fashionably competant somehow!

Since your tribe made you throw out all your go to gear, you now have the task of what will be the main characters of your every day wardrobe. How many staple pieces do I really need? In honesty, not many however the idea of not having choices when I feel bloated, tired, lazy, should not be my motivation for keeping clothes that are not flattering. Depart from them. Yes, say your goodbyes. You need the following very basic and affordable staples:

- long dress ( maxi or mid length) ( sleeveless and/or short sleeve)

-short dress ( height dependent on definition of short)

-2-3 dress shirts that can be worn like a boss or like a lady of leisure

-jeans- skinny, politely ripped, wide legged, high waisted wide legged

- pencil skirt (always a great option from the desk job to the date)

-shorter skirt (again, personal height depends on definition of short)

-flowy skirt shorter or longer for varierty ( think windy, graceful and blowing in wind)

- blazer ( one you can wear to the office,  throw over a cute dress or pair with jeans and tee shirt)

-gray and/or white tee shirt (yes, you hang these two at least) 

-colorful cardigan ( always good to throw over a cami with a skirt or jeans and for an emergency color pop)

- a body suit, black or gray (can put in your drawer, I hang in closet so I remember it exists)

-cami or sleeveless blouse ( sometimes the neck tie blouses work well as classics,the ones that look like hankerchiefs hanging lower from your neck) 

-wrap or scarf ( used for those cooler summer nights yet also a good subtle way to get hubby or date to want to put their arm around you, aka get closer to you) OR stay buried inside it on a bad date so you can say you should get inside or get home because you are chilly and may be coming down with something, however I digress and go off topic..

The above list is just the basics (in your closet) that will get you through a very cost savings summer because you probably already own these items. However, if you do therapy shop now you can choose a variety of style at every store level and not break the bank with "on trend" items.

 Are you ready to sweep into summer gracefully? I am getting there however I am and always will be a work in process. I haven't even started on the accesories of the summer.




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