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Top ten summer tips

by Meghan Hogrefe |  | 59 comments

Summer is here! Whether we like it or not, the layers come off and so we enter bathing suit season. 

This is always a forever daunting feeling for many of us, women and men alike! We feel immediately in the shadow of yesteryear, that 18 year old you frolicking in the sunshine with no concerns!. The times when running around in just a bathing suit seemed so sweet and carefree. The days we could barely make it to the beach or pool to jump in, splash around all day. Flash foward to present day, we cover up as much as possible with as little material allowed poolside. The bathing suit with sarong or cape! Something that allows us to hide yet still enjoy the summer. Don't let this insecurity define your biggest summer moments!

My biggest recommendations for the summer pool side or beach bumming, is to embrace your body and embrace yourself! There, I said it, EMBRACE. Reward yourself by owning who you are. This bathing suit does not define you! It is merely another tent in your life camp! My clothing is always my tent in life camp! So wear summer attire with pride. 

So many of us loathe that summer season because of bathing suits, shorts and sleeveless tops. Guess what? EVERYONE feels this way. Cellulite, muffin tops, they just happen and they can happen to the best of us. Celebrate summer by being happy in any outfit! It's summer so smile under this beautiful sun.


 Top Ten Summer tips 

1.Always wear sunscreen.

2. Hats are always in style, just find yours.

3. Hands deserve sunscreen too

4. One Piece bathing suits make great body suits and under outfit attire.

5. A white blouse or dress shirt is always a great and fashionable sun protector.

6. Water is your best friend. When enjoying cocktails, drink a glass of water in between each drink!

7. Wear the right sandals for the right event. Never wear those traditional flip flop thongs when you are walking long distances. If you need to wear choose some like Reef or Billabong that have the stronger thong.

8. Always hydrate your animals. My dog is my bestie and I am always sure to bring water for her on our hot days!

9. Never leave your makeup in your car. It will ruin it!

10. Embrace you and Smile! Clothing isn't who you are, it's just another accesory! YOUR smile should always be brighter than your clothes!

Comments (59)

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